Donna Forbes: Spouse of Client of Tonya Craft Consulting

I am writing this recommendation from the perspective of being the wife of a man falsely accused of child molestation. For several months we were trying to figure out how something this devastating could happen to our family. When we were referred to Tonya Craft, we immediately made arrangements to meet with her, hoping for some assistance with the nightmare our lives had become. Though our legal team was talented and experienced, we could feel that something was missing. After meeting with her, it was clear that our legal team needed her unique experience and perspective. Tonya had a unifying effect on all involved, emphasizing that one of the most important aspects of case development is to plan for trial from the beginning. She quickly familiarized herself with our case, enabling her to assist our attorneys in building effective case strategy. In addition, she also explained to us what we could do to further assist in preparing for trial. This included sharing organizational strategies and effective layout to make key facts, times, and events readily available and retrievable.

She has the unique position of understanding these cases thoroughly because unfortunately she has firsthand knowledge of the experience. She knows the pain of being falsely accused and having to prove a negative, being presumed guilty rather than innocent until proven guilty. She understands the pain of the falsely accused individual fighting for their life and their family. Though I was not the one facing life in prison without the possibility of parole, I can say this is by far one of the most difficult, life altering situations that a person/family can face. Tonya was there as a resource for everyone involved. She took the time to reassure us that though the road is difficult to navigate and necessitates thorough preparation, success through exoneration is possible.

Though our case resolved unexpectedly prior to going to trial, I know having her expertise would have been crucial to our legal team if our case would have progressed to that point. Her recommendations pertaining to jury selection, developing relevant demonstrative evidence and presentation would have been invaluable in assisting a jury to understand the facts of our case. Tonya is able to take the complex factors that may lead to false allegations and make them easily understood to the average juror.

We will be forever grateful for her assistance in our case.

David F.: Client of Tonya Craft Consulting

I was falsely accused of a sex crime against a child and my case had been going on for 6 months before I met with Tonya Craft. Tonya accepted my case after a lengthy interview. She listened to my concerns and thoroughly reviewed all aspect of the case to that point. Her experience and knowledge were clear when she re-focused our direction while working seamlessly with my attorneys over the next 6 months.

When you’re facing 2 mandatory life sentences for a crime you didn’t commit, having Tonya in your corner gives you hope. I appreciated her willingness to be there for me and really respected her direct and honest style. Being able to write this today is a direct result of Tonya’s input and recommendations. When you need an experienced fighter in your corner, you need Tonya Craft.

John Van de Kamp: First Federal Defender in California’s Central District, LA Co. DA, and California Attorney General
Sexual abuse of children is a serious crime, and should be dealt with fairly and carefully. Over the years attempts to bring offenders to justice have often been abusive in their own right. Cases built by so-called experts pressuring children through suggestive and leading questions, combined with overzealous prosecutions, have led to the debacles we experienced in California in the McMartin case, and in the Kern County prosecutions I reviewed when I was California Attorney General. They should have created a warning, a yellow light, to be careful when dealing with child witnesses. When those warnings are not heeded, injustice can result, and the lives of the accused, when innocent, can be irreparably damaged. Tonya Craft’s own story, and the jury’s findings of Not Guilty on 22 counts, more than twenty years after the California cases, proves once again that when dealing with allegations of this sort, the best practices we learned the hard way need to be front and center. Will we ever learn?
Joshua Winland: Client of Tonya Craft Consulting
My name is Josh Winland. I was falsely accused of child molestation in Florida in 2010. In Florida that is a capital felony punishable by LIFE in prison without parole. I was arrested in Ohio where I was living and then extradited to Florida in April of 2010. I spent a total of 5 months in jail between Ohio and Florida. I was released in August of 2010 on a $50,000 bond. I had to wear an ankle monitor and could not leave to state while awaiting trial. I spoke with a friend of mine after I got out of jail about trying to find someone who knew about false allegations who could help me. My friend emailed me a video of a woman in Tennessee who had been falsely accused and then acquitted. That woman is Tonya Craft. I sent a message to Tonya on Facebook and she called to talk to me. I told her my story and she wanted documents to verify my story. After reviewing my court documents Tonya decided to come to Florida and meet with me to help on my case. My attorney was against the idea until he saw her work and recognized that she knew what she was doing. Tonya did an amazing job helping me prepare for trial. We went through my case information for days trying to prepare on several different occasions. Tonya took time away from her family to come to Florida and help me prove my innocence. Tonya only wanted to see the truth come to light and justice to take place. Because she had been through a very similar situation she has a passion, knowledge, and experience that is second to none. I went to trial in February of 2012. Tonya was with me every step of the way. Tonya created a timeline, spreadsheets, met with my attorney and helped me prepare to testify at my trial. My trial lasted 3 days. After the states witnesses testified with the help of Tonya Craft, who sat beside me as part of my legal team, my attorney filed a motion for a judgement of acquittal. The motion was granted. The judge on the case reprimanded the prosecutor and said I be here on this kind of evidence, God help us all! Over the next six months I had a decision to make. I had to decide to go through life without my children or go back and fight for them in custody court. I chose to fight. Tonya and I spoke weekly and she continued to help me by providing advice, offering friendship, helping get me to West Virginia over the next year and a half to fight for custody. With the help of Tonya, my attorney in West Virginia and many others I eventually got full custody of my children. Tonya came with her family and alone to Florida several times to see us. During my trial, she told me our kids would play together someday. That day happened and it was incredible. A true-life miracle. I consider Tonya and her family close personal friends. You need Tonya to help you. She cares about your innocence. I am forever grateful to Tonya for all she has done and continues to do for me and my family. I fully support her in her mission to fight for people who are truly innocent. My life wouldn't be the way it is today without Tonya. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being my friend. I love you!!!
Robert Whitlow: Bestselling Author of The Confession/ Attorney at Law
Tonya’s book Accused is the true story of Tonya Craft’s fight against the criminal justice system. It is much more than a blow by blow account of a woman facing a prosecutorial steamroller. It is also a deeper journey of the heart, and how the power of forgiveness is greater than the bitter root of false accusations.
Jan Silvous: Author of Foolproofing Your Life and Same Life, New Story/ Life Coach/ Speaker
Tonya Craft found herself in an unspeakable situation that rocked her world. Through the grace of God and her tenacious spirit, today she is a trusted expert highly sought by the falsely accused and those who defend them. You will be amazed at the power of forgiveness and its impact on an impossible situation